NooN Online Schooling

Noon online is a facility established to provide round the clock access to online schooling in the national languages of Dari and Pashto, for Afghan students around the world. 

Presently Noon online is ready to be use at its basic level as Supporting Courses for School Subjects, relevant to the educational program of the Afghan Educational Ministry.
we are under continuous gradual development  upgrading with components designed for the real needs of our students; needs that are identified through daily interaction with them, use of the system and feedback from parents.

We are tirelessly working towards the goal engaging students' learning school subjects in an online. safe environment. with full interest and active participation.




 The Noon System contains schooling courses, which encompasses entire school subjects of grades (7-12) relevant with education program of the Afghanistan Education Ministry.

The schooling course Components  include:  audiovisual packages delivered by experienced and skilled Master Trainers, relevant to the educational program of the Afghanistan Educational Ministry.

Extra-Help package for Science subjects (grades 7-12), made by experienced and skilled Master Trainers, are  provided for students’ convenience and better understanding.

Practice and resolving chapter-wise exercises of school Science Subjects grades (7-12) taught by skilled Master Trainers.

Kankor Package of 3 months, taught by experienced Master Trainers, relevant with the kankor package of Afghanistan's Higher Education Ministry.


The Benefits Offered Through Noon:

1.    It is a new and innovative way of learning, introduced to make the users access education anywhere.

2.    Saves the students the hassle of physically reaching an education center at a specific time.

3.    The education is taken to students anywhere anytime with specific focus on children and the youth.

4.    We have started with the basic level and we further develop it in to a state-of-the-art solution to   the learning needs of today.